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Peak Load Boiler



Standardization of models ensures outstanding mobility, investment efficiency and operability.

The boiler is installed with a CHP plant to be responsible for the low DH load operation initially after an integrated energy facility is construction and the peak DH load during the extremely cold season to not only reduce the initial investment but also helps operation rigidity of a CHP plant. It is also greatly helpful for rational plant operation as it enables phases expansion of the plant.

- Minimum annual operating time: < 500 hours/year

- Manufacturing standardization to reduce the construction period and cost

- Shorter ignition time (less than 1 hour) compared to drum type boiler

- Simple enough operation to enable unmanned operation/p>

Technical alliance with MW Power (formerly Noviter)

The hot water boiler developed by Finland-based MW Power (formerly Noviter) has 40MW as the basic unit features 80MW and 120MW in standard design. Its performance and stable operation are proven by many facilities (68 units with more than 90% market share). The capacity of the standard product can be adjusted to satisfy customer requirements.

- Water/smoke combined tube boiler with simple structure

- No need for auxiliary equipment to reduce the installation space and utility cost

- High efficiency to investment ratio

- Quick load change according to the district heating demand

- Eco-friendly equipment with little wastewater and noise generated

KDHEC provides various

KDHEC provides various services from planning to manufacturing design and test operation support of peak load boiler to satisfy the requirements of it main customer KDHEC.

Basic Design

- Peak load boiler capacity and quantity

- Fuel supply system to operate the peak load boiler

- System interface with CHP plant

- Layout and system drawing of peak load boiler

- Purchase specification including technical evaluation

Manufacturing Design

- Performance and main system capacity design

- Main body manufacturing design

- Fuel supply system design

- Factory inspection

Installation and Test Operation Technical Support

- Installation and test operation technical support

- Technical support for performance test

Enhancement of peak load boiler to improve the performance: Strengthening of contaminant discharge standard/fuel switch

Performance diagnosis of peak load boiler in operation

Peak load boiler final design and technical review

Project Reference
프로젝트명, 발주처, 업무범위, 용역기간, 위치 로 구성된 사업실적 표
Project Name Customer Project Scope Project Period Location
주식회사 한신비텍 2016 ~ 2017
(주)대열보일러 2016 ~ 2017
신한열기 2015- ~ 2015
썬플랜트기술(주) 2015 ~ 2017
한국비앤텍주식회사 2015 ~ 2016
프로젝트명, 발주처, 업무범위, 용역기간, 위치 로 구성된 사업실적 표
Project Name Customer Project Scope Project Period Location