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Business, As the leader in energy business of the 21st century, KDHEC strives to create the happy energy world.

Power Generation

Combined Heat&Power Generation

Combined Heat&
Power Generation

Since its foundation in 1991, KDHEC has developed the ground for project execution beginning with technical support for district heating in 5 new towns in the capital region. Until 2000, the company designed more than 10 boilers and steam turbine cogeneration power plants in Suwon, Cheongju, Dasegu, etc. to complete self-sufficiency of cogeneration power plant design. Between 2000 and 2010, it executed the projects in Hwaseong, Paju, Gwanggyo, Samsong, Yangju and Osan to develop expertise in large scale cogeneration thermal power plant design.

It has been expanding its business domain to new&renewable energy and coal-fired thermal power design since 2010 and has completed the projects for Dangjin Unit 4, Saemangeum, Pocheon Cogeneration, etc. to set the ground to become the global energy engineering company. As of 2014, the company has accumulated power generation design capacity of 13,000 MW, the largest record in cogeneration thermal power plant and cogeneration power plant design in Korea.

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Main Technologies

As Korea’s only integrated energy plant design company, the company adopted the European design concept and provides following technologies based on the specialized design technology accumulated through various projects for the past 20 years.

- Design of power plant and district heating plant with the best energy efficiency

- Optimization of cogeneration plant by integrating the design of power plant and design of district heating plant

- Implementation of operation mode with consideration to economic factors and operational aspect

- Optimization of plant operation and shutdown control circuit with virtual operation control station

- Best automation with consideration to rent investment

Combined cycle power generation

Combined cycle power

KDHEC offers the extensive experience and know-how of cogeneration power generation accumulated through the design of most cogeneration power plants in Korea. The company provides the best technical services from feasibility study to project financing, basic and final design, technical support on site, construction supervision and technical support for test operation to ensure compact system configuration and device layout in order to construct the high efficiency cogeneration power plants.


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Main Features

The optimum equipment combination is configured at the basic design stage, and the manufacturer’s specification of gas turbine, heat recovery steam generator and steam turbine are satisfied in the final design phase to realize the optimum cogeneration power plant. Following services are provided.

- Bidding guide

- Construction cost estimation

- Technical support

- Final design

- Procurement support

- Support for approval

- Site support

- and support for test operation and performance test

Thermal power generation...

Thermal power generation
plant engineering

The design technology needed for construction of cogeneration or conventional power plant using the CFBC boiler technology in consideration of the coal and other solid fuel is provided.

Saemangeum integrated energy facility


Project Reference
프로젝트명, 발주처, 업무범위, 용역기간, 위치 로 구성된 사업실적 표
Project Name Customer Project Scope Project Period Location
롯데건설(주) 2017 ~ 2019
Jungbu Bio Energy Power Plant Technical Support Jungbu Bio Energy Basic design and final design 2015 ~ 2020 Gunsan, Jeonbuk
Detailed design for Gwangju Jeonnam Integrated Energy Facility Power Generation Procurement Lotte Enegineering & Construction Final design 2015 ~ 2018 Naju, Jeonnam
Basic & Conceptual Engineering of Thermoelectric Plants Based on Petroleum Coke in JOSE and FPO Hyundai Engineering & Construction Basic design 2015 ~ 2016 Venezuela
지에스건설(주) 2015 ~ 2021
프로젝트명, 발주처, 업무범위, 용역기간, 위치 로 구성된 사업실적 표
Project Name Customer Project Scope Project Period Location