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Business, As the leader in energy business of the 21st century, KDHEC strives to create the happy energy world.




KDHEC continuously invests on development of new technologies for cogeneration power plant design, district cooling & heating design, thermal pipeline design as well as development of new clean energy and development of technology to maximize the energy efficiency.

Study of feasibility of application of direct supply type district heating system

The strengths and weaknesses of direly supply the district heating water to the users instead of indirect supply are analyzed and reviewed in heat production, heat transport and heat usage technologies as well as the economic efficiencies.

Study of building optimum network system in northern capital region

The current status of the network system of 4 branches (Paju, Goyang, Samsong and Mapo) of KDHC is analyzed to deduce the improvement opportunities and establish the optimum economic operation measures. The plan for system enhancement is presented.

Northern capital region pipe network (Northern capital region pipeline drawing)

수도권 북부 연계배관 관로도

power cost of each fuel

연료별 동력비

Study of stable, economic and efficient pile for the foundation of heat storage tank

KDHEC develop a new pile technology which uses the steel pipe as it features outstanding horizontal force and moment resistance at the top and PHC at the bottom to support the axial load.


The new pile offers stability and economic efficiency. KDHEC is also leading the energy industry by developing the ultimate energy resources such as low temperature unused energy, solar heat and biomass as well as the state-of-the-art utilization technology.

  • Study of measures to supply the integrated energy using the new & renewable energy in Seoul

  • Study of measures to increase temperature difference
    -Final report-

  • Development of CHP optimum capacity calculation program

Study of optimization of integrated energy facility

KDHEC studies the measures to build the optimum integrated energy facilities that will maximize the economic efficiency of the integrated energy projects and national and social benefits. The expected benefits include

- Configuration of optimum heat source and measures of economic operation

- Creation of stable growth of national integrated energy project, Creation of national benefits by increased energy efficiency and improved environment

Utilization of low temperature unused energy

KDHEC is developing the heat pump technology using the river water, sewage, seawater and ground water which is cooler than the atmosphere in the summer time and warmer than the atmosphere in the winter time to offer cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.

Heating Flow Rate – Pressure Difference

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Hourly Load

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Heat Use 1

그래프 내용

Heat Use 2

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Project Reference
프로젝트명, 발주처, 업무범위, 용역기간, 위치 로 구성된 사업실적 표
Project Name Customer Project Scope Project Period Location
한국지역난방공사 2016 ~ 2017
(재)기초전력연구원 2016 ~ 2018
Study of Utilizing Unused Heat Energy in Capital Region KDHC R&D 2013 ~ 2014
Bucheon Power Plant-Mokdong Power Plant Thermal Network Feasibility Analysis ? Technical Analysis KEEI Evaluation, analysis and consulting 2013 ~ 2013
Study of Northern Capital Region Optimum Network System Deployment KDHC R&D 2011 ~ 2012
프로젝트명, 발주처, 업무범위, 용역기간, 위치 로 구성된 사업실적 표
Project Name Customer Project Scope Project Period Location