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Business, As the leader in energy business of the 21st century, KDHEC strives to create the happy energy world.

D.H. Network



KDHEC’s expertise designs the optimum thermal pipeline to implement economic and effective heat transport.

The best professional group with expertise accumulated through thermal pipeline analysis and design and feedback of operation performance over more than 20 years designs the optimum thermal pipe network. The thermal pipeline structural analysis program sis-KMR helps designing of safe and reliable heat transporting pipeline.

Thermal Pipeline Analysis

- Minimization of energy loss through thermal-hydraulic analysis

- Optimum heat allocation reflecting heat demand distribution and geography

- Economic operation linking adjacent heat sources

- Quick and accurate analysis using the database developed over a long term

Thermal Pipeline Structural Analysis

- Assessment of thermal pipeline safety using fatigue analysis

- Establishment of thermal pipeline layout standard with adoption of Korea’s first electrical preheating

- Establishment of Korea’s first construction of thermal pipeline without preheating

Basic/Final Design of Thermal Pipeline

- Design of thermal pipeline of most integrated energy project in Korea

- Design of pipe network with consideration to seasonal demand variance and future expansion

- Optimum design reflecting the site condition

Thermal Pipe Network Design Flow Diagram

열배관 설계 흐름도 - 배관방식 및 열매체 적용 // 수요 대상 지역 현황 조사 / BLOCK별 열 부하 산출 / 열배관망 구성 / 각 안별 열수송 주관 및 분배관 계통도 작성 / 각 안별 개략 배관경 계산 // 관로망 해석 Input 자료 작성 / Pipe network analysis / 관로망 해석 결과 분석 / 열배관망 확정 / 열배관도 작성

열배관망설계 관련 사진

열배관망설계 관련 사진2

Project Reference
프로젝트명, 발주처, 업무범위, 용역기간, 위치 로 구성된 사업실적 표
Project Name Customer Project Scope Project Period Location
(주)휴세스 2018 ~ 2018
인천종합에너지(주) 2017 ~ 2018
나래에너지서비스 주식회사 2017 ~ 2018
인천종합에너지(주) 2017 ~ 2017
한국지역난방공사 2017 ~ 2018
프로젝트명, 발주처, 업무범위, 용역기간, 위치 로 구성된 사업실적 표
Project Name Customer Project Scope Project Period Location