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As the leader in energy business of the 21st century, KDHEC strives to create the happy energy world.


Management Strategy
Definition of Vision


history 1991년

  • 1991.09

    Signed the Agreement for Investment on Joint Venture


    Founded Korea District Heating Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 1992.02

    Registered as technical service business

  • 1993.08

    Notified engineering as the main business

  • 1995.04

    Acquired the license for plant architectural design

  • 1997.05

    Acquired the license for power facility design (Class 1)

10th Anniversary 2001년

  • 2001.11

    Commemorated the 10th anniversary

  • 2006.10

    Received the Best Award in the 1st Integrated Energy Award

  • 2007.02

    Moved the HQ office

  • 2007.06

    Received the Eco-friendly Management Award

  • 2008.08

    Acquired the license for overseas construction engineering

  • 2009.01

    Acquired the license for general firefighting facility design business (machinery and electrical)


    - Acquired the license for comprehensive supervision business and

    - power facility supervision business


    Acquired the quality management system certification (ISO 9001)

  • 2013.11

    Selected as Outstanding Company in Use and Management of SW

  • 2015.07

    Shareholder Changed (Pöyry Finland Oy → KEPS CALISTA PRIVATE EQUITY FUND)

  • 2016.10

    Received Prime Minister's commendation at 2016 Engineering Industry Award


    Commemorated the 25th anniversary

    Received Grand Prize at 2016 Korea Environment Energy Award

  • 2017.07

    The Minster of Trade. Industry and Energy Medal for Korea Green Management Merit


    The Selection of K-BrainPower Specialized Organization (2017-2019)

  • 2018.02

    The Minster of Land. Infrastructur. and Transport Medal for Overseas Construction Industry

  • 2019.08

    Registered as an Electrical Construction Business


    Registered as a General Fire Protection Construction Supervision Business


    Awarded the"Korea's Loved Companies" Commended by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy


KDHEC will do its best to help Korea solidify its status as an energy powerhouse.

Organization Chart

Organization Chart