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Peak Load Boiler

Standardization of models ensures outstanding mobility,
investment efficiency and operability.

Peak Load Boiler

Technical Alliance
with MW Power
(formerly Noviter)

The hot water boiler developed by Finland-based MW Power (formerly Noviter) has 40MW as the basic unit features 80MW and 120MW in standard design. Its performance and stable operation are proven by many facilities (68 units with more than 90% market share). The capacity of the standard product can be adjusted to satisfy customer requirements.

- Water/smoke combined tube boiler with simple structure

- No need for auxiliary equipment to reduce the installation space and utility cost

- High efficiency to investment ratio

- Quick load change according to the district heating demand

- Eco-friendly equipment with little wastewater and noise generated

Features and Strengths
of Peak Load Boiler

- Technical alliance and joint design with Finland-based MW Power, which is renowned for advanced technology worldwide, guarantees long life and high efficiency.

- Design and manufacturing standardization specific to capacity

- Reliability ensure by the nuclear powr plant design technology (drawing) and technical support of technology partner

- Know-how accumulated from years of manufacturing, installation and operation

- Quick response to strengthening of pollution discharge regulation and change of fuel

- High share in domestic market (more than 90% with 68 units)

- Timely technical support for the manufacturing and test operation problems

Strengths of
Peak Load boiler
(Water/smoke tube type
hot water boiler)

Efficiency and Life (Durability)

- Proven efficiency and life (no generation of low temperature corrosion and extensive reference)


- Serial arrangement of air supply and exhaust to minimize noise and vibration

- High temperature of exhaust gas to generate no acidic wastewater or acid rain

Investment Efficiency and Maintenance

- Modularization to reduce manufacturing cost and construction period

- Easy maintenance when the tube is damaged


- Forced ventilation to ensure maneuverability

Stability of Heat Supply

- Forced water circulation with no steam generation to protect the district heating equipment and ensure stable heat supply

Ease of Storage

- Full water storage of district heating water

- Easy tube cleaning with spray nozzle

- Smoke tube to prevent accumulation of pollutants in the combustion gas

Water Quality Management

- Smoke tube to prevent accumulation of boiler scale to maintain the district heating water quality high