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Business, As the leader in energy business of the 21st century, KDHEC strives to create the happy energy world.

New & Renewable Energy


New & Renewable Energy

The new & renewable energy source is utilized for the integrated energy projects to cope with the climate change crisis related to the greenhouse gas emission which is the global issue.

The new & renewable energy means the eco-friendly, non-depletable energy such as sunlight and wind that can replace the fossil fuel such as oil, coal and natural gas. Countries all over the world are investing heavily on utilization of the new & renewable energy to diversify the energy source to prepare for depletion of fossil fuel and to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Korea is also mandating the power plants owning the power generator with total capacity of 500MW or more (excluding the capacity of the power generators using the new & renewable energy) to use the new & renewable energy for a specific portion or more of total power generation in order to promote the distribution of new & renewable energy.

To be in step with such global trend and government policy, KDHEC has been accumulating the project experience and specialized know-how of power generation using new & renewable energy.

  • 당진 바이오매스 발전소 이미지

    Dangjin Biomass
    Power Plant/Boiler

    · Boier : 390t/h x 1 (CFBC)

    · ST : 105MW x 1

    · Fuel : Bituminous Coal + PKS

    · Owner's Engineering (ongoing)

  • 석문 바이오매스 발전소 이미지

    Seogmun Biomass Power

    · Boier : 125t/h x 1 (CFBC)

    · ST : 40MW x 1

    · Fuel : Wood Pellet

    · Detail Design (ongoing)

  • 광주전남 혁신도시 집단에너지 이미지

    Gwangju Jeonnam Inno City
    Integrated Energy/Boiler

    · Boier : 100t/h x 1 (CFBC)

    · ST : 20MW x 1

    · PLB : 68Gcal/h x 3

    · Fuel : RDF

    · Basic & Detail Design (ongoing)

  • 포천산단 열병합발전소 이미지

    Pocheon Sandan Cogeneration
    Power Plant/Boiler

    · Boier : 350t/h x 2 (CFBC)

    · ST : 160MW x 1

    · Auxiliary Boiler : 160t/h x1, 15t/h x 4

    · Fuel : bituminous coal + Biomass

    · Basic Design & OE (ongoing)

  • 동해 바이오매스 발전소 이미지

    Donghae Biomass Poweer

    · Boier : 65t/h x 2 (CFBC)

    · ST : 30MW x 1

    · Fuel : Wood Pellet

    · Proposal Design

  • 말레이시아 POIC Biomass CHP 이미지

    Malaysia POIC Biomass

    · Boier : 55t/h x 2 (CFBC)

    · ST : 25MW x 1

    · Fuel : PKS

    · Detail Design

Fuel Cell

A fuel cell is a device which utilizes the electrical and thermal energy generated by continuous reaction of the oxygen ions in the fuel and oxygen ions in the air. It is a way of eco-friendly and highly efficient power generation with very little atmospheric pollution and noise generation. As such, its application is being expanded worldwide.

Solid Fuel (SRF or Bio-SRF)

The technology obtains both thermal energy and electrical energy by burning solid fuel generated by a preprocessing facility (MBT) to turn the food waste and municipal into fuel. The boiler using SRF or bio-SRF can be designed for high efficiency power generation, improved exhaust gas property, and reduced dioxin.

Landfill Gas (LFG)

The technology captures the methane gas generated by decomposition of various organic matters in the landfill and uses it as the fuel for power generator to recover the thermal energy and electrical energy.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is a device that converts the thermal energy such as geothermal, river water and seawater, which are scattered widely at low temperature thus difficult to be used directly, into the high temperature, concentrated thermal energy. It usually converts low temperature to high temperature or high temperature to low temperature for heating/cooling or supply hot water. It is notable for the ability to cool and heat at the same time.

Solar Photovoltaic
Power Generation

It uses a solar cell which directly converts the photovoltaic energy to electrical energy to generate the power to be supplied to consumers.

Solar Heat
Power Generation

It uses the solar collectors (mirrors) to collect the solar heat energy into a point and uses it to generate the high temperature steam to operate the steam turbine and generate the electricity.

Wind Power Generation

It uses a wind turbine to convert the wind energy into mechanical energy and then uses it to rotate the power generator to produce the electricity. In Korea, the wind farms are in operation in Daegwallyeong and Jeju Island, and a offshore wind power testing complex is being built in the southwestern sea.

Integrated Gasification
Combined Cycle (IGCC)

It partially burns the coal at high temperature and high pressure to produce the synthetic gas (CO2+H2) and uses it as fuel in the combined cycle power plant. The produced synthetic gas is used to operate the gas turbine while the thermal energy of exhaust gas of the gas turbine is recovered using the heat recovery steam boiler. The produced steam operates the steam turbine. The new concept power generation combines the conventional coal-fired thermal power plant, chemical plant and combined cycle thermal power plant. The technology is popular in developed countries as it is effective in reducing greenhouse gas emission to cope with climate change.

Project Reference
프로젝트명, 발주처, 업무범위, 용역기간, 위치 로 구성된 사업실적 표
Project Name Customer Project Scope Project Period Location
두산건설(주) 2017 ~ 2018
(주)이테크건설 2017 ~ 2018
씨지앤대산전력주식회사 2017 ~ 2018
(주)이테크건설 2017 ~ 2017
한국동서발전 주식회사 2017 ~ 2018
프로젝트명, 발주처, 업무범위, 용역기간, 위치 로 구성된 사업실적 표
Project Name Customer Project Scope Project Period Location